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Issues in the Workplace That Affect Employee Mental Health

There are several key issues shown to have a significant effect on employee mental health. Within each key issue are various factors that organizations need to consider in their efforts to create a mentally healthy workplace.

The following issues affecting employee mental health fall under one or multiple psychosocial risk (PSR) factors. These PSRs will be used as a common thread throughout this Info-Pack; they will be linked to specific assessment tools (Conducting a Situational Assessment) and program activities (Examples of workplace mental health strategies, programs and activities) that can be used within a workplace to address specific risk factors.

Stress and work-life balance issues are extremely prevalent in Canada. The 2005 Statistics Canada biennial Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS), noted that three in 10 workers found most work days “quite a bit” or “extremely” stressful. More research and development has been focused on stress and work-life balance, which is why these topics are not discussed in as much detail as stigma and discrimination, harassment, violence, bullying, mobbing and substance use, misuse and abuse. High quality resources focusing on stress and work-life balance have already been developed; some of these resources are listed in the additional information and tools sections.