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Element 6: Obtaining Management Support

Yes, obtaining management support appears twice in the eight elements of a CWHP framework. The first time it is to gain enough support to undertake a situational assessment in order to generate a plan and take that back for more support.  The second time, organizations look for support to implement the workplace mental health promotion plan.

The healthy workplace committee should present the situational assessment results, the rationale and the program and evaluation plan to senior management for approval. This is to guarantee their support and approval for any necessary funding or human resources participation.  It’s also a time to continue to ensure management is clear on and has “bought-in” to their role in actively supporting the plans. The organization must have support and communication about the strategy from senior management.

Find someone with strong presentation skills to be the manager and if possible find someone with organizational clout to support the plan. It is important to think about what is known about the decision-maker(s) so the “pitch” can be customized to them.

In presentation, the committee should provide both the business plan and the evaluation plan. This will show management that the program can be kept accountable and that the results will be measured.

Tie in the case to the company’s strategic plan. Show how the mental health promotion program will help the organization to meet its goals. For example, if the organization wants to become a recognized leader in its field then build the case around how reduced turnover and absenteeism and improved engagement will help the organization to excel.