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Element 4: Developing a Healthy Workplace Plan – What to do with Situational Assessment Results

Remember: If issues such as stigma and discrimination are long engrained in individual employees and the organization itself, change does not happen overnight. Often it takes three to five years of programming before there are significant results.

Once the results of the situational assessment have been collected, a plan needs to be developed. At this step the vision and mission for a mentally healthy organization will be clarified with the committee. Ideally, it will be linked to the larger organizational plan or corporate vision. The committee will need to define its goals for the program, the broad strategies to accomplish the goals and the key audiences for its activities. This level of planning is the strategic planning for the workplace mental health strategy.

Types of planning:

Strategic planning is high-level, long-term planning that strives to affect the strategic direction of the organization. The plan will either link with the organization’s overall mission, vision and values or strive to change or shift them. This is a long-term strategy that takes three to five years.

At the program planning level, specific program goals, objectives, target populations and activities are defined. It will generally be completed on a yearly cycle.

Operational planning encompasses the roles, resources, deadlines and day to day operations for specific activities.