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Workplace Mental Health Promotion

  • This site offers high-quality, research-based, practical tools to improve the health of individuals and organizations.
  • The focus of this resource is on creating mentally healthy workplaces that promote positive mental health and mental well-being for all employees.
  • This resource uses a Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion (CWHP) approach, which is defined as an approach to protecting and enhancing the health of employees, one that relies on and builds upon the efforts of employers to create a supportive management under and upon the efforts of employees to care for their own well-being.
  • CWHP is a continuous process that looks at environmental improvement (physical, psychosocial, organizational, economic), personal empowerment and personal growth.
  • Users are invited to explore this site for information, ideas and resources for their workplaces.

How to Use This Resource

This site is divided into two sections. Workplace Mental Health: Core Concepts & Issues, which provides information on mental health, answering questions such as, “What is mental health?” and “What is mental illness?” It looks at issues related to mental health in the workplace, such as work-life balance, bullying and stress.

The second section is Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion: Affecting Mental Health in the Workplace and it provides information on creating mentally healthy workplaces by taking a comprehensive approach to workplace health promotion. The information in this section is divided into eight comprehensive workplace health promotion elements (see the diagram below). Each element has an overview of the issues related to workplace mental health promotion and will provide additional information, tools and case studies to enrich the material and enhance the usability of the content.

Workplace Program Management
Throughout this Guide, additional information, tools and case studies are provided to illustrate the concept more clearly. The tools will aid in the completion of the element they are linked to.

Symbols used throughout this resource:

Information: Free resources, such as fact-sheets, articles and documents.

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Tools: Interactive and useful resources, such as a logic model creator, situational assessment catalogue and surveys.

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Case studies: Real examples of the concepts in practice.

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Download the full Workplace Mental Health Promotion guide (PDF)